Linux on POWER8 / OpenPOWER Resources

Updated 09/06/2016: Corrected a mix-up in links associated with MariaDB & DB2. Added SugarCRM.

Thought I would put together a recent collection of Linux on POWER resources I collected.  There is a bit of rhyme & reason to it but not in any particular order.  Also, keep in mind a few of the links are perishable, meaning when you finally get to reading this blog it may be well after the link or offer is valid.

I have another LoP resource document I use with about 2-3X more content but it is in a different format.  If I have time, I’ll try to put it in the active bullet link format used below.


  1. What Open Source Community Software solutions are available for Linux running on IBM Power Systems?
  2. Linux on Power open source application portfolio
  3. Open Source POWER Availability Tool
  4. IBM Linux on Power Software – Mongodb, Nodejs, V8, Hadoop, Cassandra, etc
  5. Docker for Linux on Power Systems
  6. Turbo LAMP as a high performance LAMP stack
  7. Eclipse based engine for ppc64el programming
  8. How to do netboot on PowerVM
  9. Network name change (Ubuntu 16.04 and later)
  10. Missing legacy ethX interfaces names
  11. IBM Data Engine for NoSQL
  12. Neo4j Datasheet on POWER8
  13. RedisLabs       IBM Systems blog on RedisLabs
  14. MongoDB    1      2      3   
  15. Cassandra
  16. MariaDB     1M+ Queries/sec      1         
  17. EnterpriseDB (PostgreSQL)      1   
  18. IBM DB2 LUW v11.1     1
  19. IBM Advanced Toolchain (ATC) for PowerLinux Documentation
  20. POWER8 vs Intel Scalability test using PostgreSQL 9.6beta2
  21. Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL)
  22. Hardware for evaluating, developing, porting, migrating, modernizing, optimizing, demonstrating, maintaining, and marketing
  23. Technical Information: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
  24. openSUSE wiki
  25. Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  26. Ubuntu for IBM POWER8
  27. Ubuntu at Launchpad
  28. Ubuntu PowerPC 64-bit Little-endian (ppc64el) wiki
  29. Ubuntu Packages Search
  30. How to install IBM Java version 8 on Ubuntu
  31. Try Ubuntu on POWER8 for FREE for 30 days
  32. Snap (Ubuntu) on POWER (and no, not the same as used in AIX)
  33. Tuning 10Gbps NICs
  34. Deep Learning on Power
  35. Linux on Power FAQ with Jeff Scheel
  36. Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI)     1     2     3
  37. NVIDIA NVLink     GPU     NVLink 2.0   
  38. SAP HANA      1      2      3      4    
  39. SugarCRM on PowerLinux



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Client Executive & Enterprise Architect

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